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Bluenose RV Centre - Sales, RV Service, RV Parts and RV Accessories for 35 Years

RVs and RVing has changed over the years and we strive to keep pace with these changes. Our modern, fully equipped facility provides a one-stop solution for your recreational vehicle needs. A large indoor RV showroom, fully stocked RV parts and RV accessories department, and three drive-through RV service bays cater to these needs while our expansive lot showcases the large inventory of new and used RV models.


On-the-spot RV financing is just another of the many conveniences we offer to make owning an RV both easy and affordable. These facilities combined with our experienced team makes for a winning combination!



bluenose_decal.gifFrom the "in case you didn't know" department...

The name Bluenose comes from a famous Nova Scotia sailing vessel launched in 1921. She found fame by dominating the International Fishermen's races of her era. Undefeated, she earned the title "Queen of the Atlantic" and has been immortalized on the Canadian dime since 1927. The skills, teamwork, and integrity that made Bluenose famous is something we do our best to live up to.

Bluenose RV Centre
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