Ever planned a last minute RV trip and wondered from the onset if it was going to work out? Maybe you have your days planned out with a route and several parks, beaches, and other destinations to hit along the way, but figure you will just cross your fingers and research camping spots along the way. As many RVers have learned, even the best-laid plans can sometimes go awry. Construction along your route, major festivals drawing large crowds of other campers, or bad weather that forces a stop sooner than you had planned. How can one plan for the unexpected when the entire point is just a little rest and relaxation? The answer might be a whole lot simpler than you think: an RV Travel Membership.

RV Memberships can offer many small benefits to make traveling a whole lot easier. With participating campgrounds listed along with amenities and reviews from other member campers, you will find up to date information about what to expect in your camping experience before you arrive. Most memberships also offer significant discounts on your stay compared to non-member campers. Other perks sometimes offered are support and social networks to meet other RVers, discounts at travel centers and fuel stations, late and early campsite check-in, online travel guides, and member-only rallies. Specialized RV Memberships may even offer mail forwarding services and specialized job centers for finding temporary work while on the road.

A quick online search will place you in contact with many of the more popular memberships, including Passport America, Harvest Hosts, and Escapees. From there, you can browse the benefits offered and choose which membership is best for you. Reviews from other RVers are also not hard to find online and can offer some great insight into the benefits and drawbacks of each club.

Most memberships cost less than $50 annually so don't be afraid to sign up to try one or two out and then drop the one you don't need. Most memberships pay for themselves in discounts on a single trip. Don't let the "unknowns" deter you from making your next trip. Try a travel membership and see how these tools can take the stress out of expecting the unexpected.