Desserts are always a favorite part of a meal, especially if you don’t get to have them very often. And with kids, desserts they can help make is so much fun! A super fun idea for kids is campfire cones. This is especially fun when having a party with lots of kids!

This is something that doesn’t really require a recipe, as it can have just about anything in it. So, rather than giving set recipes, I figured a list of ingredient ideas would be the best way to go with this. You will, however, need to have waffle cones or bowls—that ingredient isn’t optional. You can make anything from peanut butter cup banana cones to berry chocolate cones to s’mores cones! The ideas are endless.

Ingredient Ideas

Chocolate chips

Mini marshmallows

Soft caramel chews




Peanut Butter Cups



Butterscotch chips

Any crushed candy bars

Any pie filling

Cookie dough chunks

Remember, these are just a few ideas (I recommend the cherry pie filling with chocolate chips!). Feel free to let your imagination go wild!

After you’ve filled your cones, wrap them in foil and set over the fire on the grill grate. After two minutes, turn until each side has been heated. Carefully remove from the grill and carefully remove the foil. This is messy! Paper plates might be helpful if you really loaded up your cones.

Let us know what your favorite combo is in the comments!