Setting up camp can become a type of ritual when you’re RVing. Everyone knows their jobs and if you work together, it can be done quickly.  For those of you new to the RV lifestyle, making sure you’ve done everything you need to do can take a while to get down.

While every RV is different, here are some of the major tasks that need to be completed.


If you’re new to the RV world, when you pull into the campground, ask for an escort to help you find your site and get your RV leveled.  The RV community is full of very helpful people and you’re sure to get plenty of assistance.


Some sites are designed for you to pull the RV through, while others require you to back in. Determine which type of site you’re using and figure out where the hookups are so you have easy access once you’re parked.  If you’re planning to extend the awning or slide-out, make sure you leave enough room to do so.

Level your RV once you’re parked.  Use the parking break for extra security, and to make sure all features of your RV are operational.  Some will not work without the parking break engaged.  Once you’re leveled and secured, hook up your electrical and water sources to use those rather than your propane.  Switch over your fridge to run from the hookup and you can turn off the water pump as well.


Once all the essential tasks are completed, it’s time to set up your outdoor space.  If you’re going to be staying for a few days, break out the lawn chairs and outdoor mat to make your site as cozy as possible.  Be prepared for visitors.  Members of the RV community will most likely pop over to say hi or to talk about your RV.  They may want to even come in for a tour and will extend the offer for you to do the same.  RVers like to get to know their neighbors so enjoy the company!